Eight Best Purple Hair Colour Ideas You Should Give A Shot

As opposed to the typical belief held by many ladies, purple hair colour is undoubtedly a modern, stunning and effortless style to achieve. With perfect hairstyling, you can bring out the beauty in you with the purple hue.

We have collected some of the best purple hues for your consideration. In our collection, we have a variety of purple hair ideas, and we are very confident that you will find one that will be ideal for you.


  1. Short Boysenberry Nightfall

To achieve this sophisticated look, you need to apply velvet at the base and then add in nightfall, and some noir drops. For the final colour, you need to base the style with Jam and some drops o Velvet. This colour will work best for the ladies with a strong personality who need to try new things out.

  1. Unicorn White Purple

This is a cotton candy swirl with a complement of unicorn dreams. These two colours are gorgeous together. The dimension and the way the curls give way to the colours are incredible

  1. Dusty Lilac

This hue originates from a smoky velvet and ends into a dusty lilac to provide an excellent approach to colours. It shows how sassy and trendy shades can be. This combination of colour is suitable for daring women who are not faint-hearted.


  1. Jewel -Toned Purple

The texture of this methylated-jewel toned purple highlights the different ribbons of shade throughout the layers.it is ideal for the ladies with light brown hair.

  1. Smokey Purple

This smoky purple shade is lively, chic, and exciting. It works best for all ladies. It can be a significant boost to your outfit, especially for the ladies in the creative industry. It is also great wear in the professional fraternity.


  1. Galaxy Purple Hair

This is more like colour correction. To achieve it, first, you need to bleach out entire old shade and counteract the remaining colours to come up with something relative to the desired results. If things are good in the first round, then you may not need any more working. But you may also consider second round if you need total colour perfection.

  1. Purple Pastel

This is ideal for purple hair colour for spring. If pastel shades are augmented with metallics, give a stylish, modern and edgy style. The colours used harmonize each other to provide a soft and edgy look.

This hair colour will look great to any woman, especially those with confidence and boldness to try it. You need to be bold and daring to pull off this hairdo.

  1. Bright Plum

This is a vibrant and luscious plum! It works best with long natural hair. It gives an illusion of fading waterfall of grape juice. It is suitable for ladies with fine textured hair.