These Alluring Winter Nail Colours Will Rock Your Looks

Right now, there is nothing you need more than the right winter nail colours. For every modern woman, the design of their nails plays a significant role in their looks and that’s why they are comfortable to spend the whole day making their nails. They are right since they understand the art of beauty lies in their nails.

In case you are confused which winter colours to choose for your beautiful nails, don’t worry. Numerous winter colour ideas are right here waiting for someone like you. Choose any winter nail colours shade art design you deem right for you here, and you will appear romantic wherever you go!


  1. Stella McCartney

For a muter manicure of pink, which seemed plain when it emerged, the nail technician used a matte base paint after the nail shade. The products which were used were rose milk colours and clean matte base coat.

  1. Vivienne Westwood

This is a get the message trend. Vivienne is popular for sensual statements and that can be read all the way to her nails at her famous winter show. Her beautician who came up with her winter nail colours created a glam nail art, placing san serif symbols exuding varying statements on the sleek squire manicured nails.

  1. Moschino

This is a colourful trend. The Moschino nails reveal a reverse French tip with two varnishes-pale and bright pink hues, interchangeably placed at her cuticle or on the nail’s length.

  1. Mulberry

This is an embellished nude trend. A pale pink nail art design is accessorised with Swarovski highlights. There is really an upcoming and notorious trend of embellishments and ladies are moving away from plain nudes.

  1. Sophia Webster

This is a statement cute nail art trend. The nails are made using a new jewellery and then accessorised for an ultimate look. The nails are styled in such way like they asking-can we dance? As they are covered in bright Swarovski crystals, shimmering French tips and crystal pixies. So, each fingernail is just a new unique dance.

  1. Temperley London

These are deep red winter nail colours. They are primarily focused on rudimental lady’s fashion of the ‘30s and 40’s. As a result, the nail art looks as intended to look. A glittery splash of darker red is incorporated. This is highly wearable, as everyone likes boldness, brightness that comes with this nail art.

  1. Edeline Lee

In this chocolate red trend, a deep chocolate red hue is used on stiletto press-on nails. To achieve that gothic, feel and look, you can incorporate different nail polish and apply a shiny top coat.

  1. Peter Pilotto

This burgundy trend has seen many trends come and go, but it has remained strong for a long time. When it entered the nail art design, it ended up with a new repainted design for models manicure to achieve a more intense red nail. There wasn’t much swapping of the high glittery coat though-this ensured a chic finish.